Business Pack - Small

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You want delicious and healthy snacks for in between during your work? The "Elly Momberg Business-Kit Small" contains our heavenly treats for you, your colleagues and employees! Select the package that suits you and the size of your company!

1 x pack of 30 pieces each:

Chocolate bar salted peanuts
Chocolate bar cherry
Chocolate bar coconut

1 x pack of 35 pieces each:
ChocLine Lemon
ChocLine Hazelnut

Box of 10 pieces:
Chocolate Coconut Chips bar
3 boxes each:
Praline noble selection (pistachio, coconut, coffee, hazelnut) 24 pieces

3 pieces each:
Chocolate hazelnut cream spread
Spread almond paste

1 x Chocline Lemon & Hazelnut

1 x
Chocolate hazelnut spread
Almond spread

Plus 1 box:
Pralines Finest Selection (Pistachio, Coconut, Coffee, Hazelnut) 24 pcs.

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Austria & Netherlands: €12,95
UK: €17,95
Switzerland: €19,95

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