Test Set BASIC - 2 NEW - vegan - low carb - no added sugar - gluten free

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You are interested in our products, but would like to try each product first? We have put this special test package  together especially for you. We have made several unique packages all called Start-Kit BASIC based on the feedback we got from our customers. This way you can select which package best suits your needs.

1 x of each of our chocolate bars: Salted Peanuts, Black Forest - Cherry and Coconut, Peanut Caramel, Cacao Rum, Coffee. 

1 x of each of our ChocLine bars: hazelnut and lemon.

1x bar of chocolate "Coconut cream chocolate - with real coconut flakes 80 g"

1 x bar of chocolate "Coconut Milk Cream Chocolate 80g"

1 x of each of our spreads: Chocolate Haselnut Spread, Almond Butter

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