Tester Starter Kit with pralines

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Tester Starter Kit with pralines / Probe Starter Set mit Pralinen

You are interested in our products, but would like to try each product first? We have put this special test package  together especially for you. All our products are included in this package.

1 x of each of our chocolate bars: Salted Peanuts, Black Forest - Cherry and Coconut.

1 x of each of our ChocLine bars: hazelnut and lemon.

1x bar of chocolate "Coconut cream chocolate - with real coconut flakes".

1x of each of our spreads: Almond butter, chocolate hazelnut spread.

1x of our Finest Selection Pralines Box with the option of 12 or 24 pcs.

Shipping & Delivery

Germany: €4,95
Austria & Netherlands: €12,95
UK: €17,95
Switzerland: €19,95

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