Elly Momberg - Gift Box Grand Deluxe SILVER - All products including, spreads, chocolate bars SILBER

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Our beautiful gift box which is a great gift for every opportunity. As a birthday present, a wedding gift, for Valentines, for Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding anniversary and every other opportunity like Christmas. All our sugar free products are included in the box and nicely presented (we don't add any sugar to our products and they contain naturally occuring sugars).

Included is:

Chocolate Bars: 

6 Riegel bars in all the flavours available:
Salty Peanut
Peanut Caramel
Cacao Rum
Cherry (Black Forest)

ChocLine bars:


Bars of Chocolate: 

1 x Coconut Cream Chocolate
1 x Coconut Cream chocolate with real coconut chips
1 x White Chocolate with black currants

1 x Keto Chocolate hazelnut spread with MCT Oil
1 x Keto Chocolate Almond spread with MCT Oil

1 x Chocolate Chips - 350 g

All our products can be found on our online shop and all contain erythritol as a sweetener.  


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