Finest Hot Chocolate - DRINKING CHOCOLATE - VEGAN - No added sugar* - gluten free - 250 g - TRINKSCHOKOLADE

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1 LUXURIOUS & DELICIOUS VEGAN PREMIUM BLEND DRINKING CHOCOLATE – Sweetened with organic Xylitol. Our wonderful & luxurious FINEST HOT CHOCOLATE DRINKING CHOCOLATE POWDER, with the highest quality premium cocoa beans and coconut milk.

"Could it be the most delicious hot chocolate in the world?" Our customers consistently say it's the best hot chocolate they have even tasted. 

Either you break your commitment to the goals you're trying to achieve, or you settle for boring, tasteless products that don't deliver the satisfaction you crave. You deserve foods you love and that fit the lifestyle you choose.  Get a taste of Elly Momberg – the perfect hot chocolate – which makes you happy and satisfied and makes you feel good.

We add no sugar to our products and they contain only naturally occurring sugars. This product is sweetened with a little touch of xylitol and is not very sweet. Enjoy our delicious treats without remorse.

2 BEST QUALITY – contains the highest quality ingredients. We personally created the recipe for the hot chocolate with our Fair Trade cacao specialist. We have over 15 years of experience in the kitchen creating healthy lower-carb & vegan food & snacks and are so proud to have this product in our selection, our own hot chocolate blend.

The cacao which we make our hot chocolate powder from, comes from one of the finest and best cacao beans in columbia called Fino de Aroma.

The family business in Columbia has been producing the best premium cocoa Fino de Aroma cocoa beans in Colombia since 1906. Known in the Andes primarily for its drinking chocolates, they have also created excellent couvertures and other cocoa and chocolate specialities for the European market over the past ten years.

Decades of intensive cooperation with cocoa farmers and cooperatives in the regions of Tumaco, Huila, Santander, Arauca and Necoclí have resulted in wonderful single origin chocolates. The cocoa farmers get fair treatment and payment and the entire value chain, from cocoa cultivation to the finished chocolate, remains in the country of origin of the cocoa.

3 NO ADDITIVES  0 % added sugar* and without:  maltitol, sucrose, saccharin, aspartame, cyclamate, acesulfame-K, sucralose, sorbitol, isomalt. Without palm oil and insects! And free of: wheat, gluten, lactose. Sweetend with xylitol (also known as birch sweetener). We have tried to select sweetners that come from natural plant sources and which are suitable for diabetics and people who have problems with blood-sugar-levels.  

4  ENJOY IT IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS  It can be enjoyed as a hot chocolate drink with coconut milk or any vegan milk and of course with regular milk and or cream. Or in the Summer as an iced cocoa drink.  It can be wonderfully combined with different breakfast and snack variations like with coconut yogurt, or added to a dessert or a shake, as well as for cereals. It’s perfect for when you are on a vegan and or  ketogenic, lower carb or gluten free diet.

How to prepare hot chocolate:

You can add water  / vegan milk and then vegan cream of your choice to about 3-4 teaspoons to your cup and then add the sweetener of your choice. We have only added a tiny amount of sweetness, so that everyone can adjust the sweetness as they prefer. 

5 IDEAL PRODUCT – which is vegan and with no added sugar* and so enjoyable and ideal for people who want to pay attention to their diet and what they eat but who want to have nice treats on certain occasions. This product is Lower-Carb*, contains no added sugar*, is gluten free and vegan.

Ingredients: cocoa powder oil reduced (34%), coconut milk powder (coconut extract, hydrolysed starch, emulsifier: alpha-cyclodextrin), xylitol, acerola powder.

30% Polyols, which need to be subtracted from the net carbs.

* Reduced carbohydrate content. At least 30% lower carbohydrate content compared to conventional sugar and/or grain-based comparator products.

*Our products contain naturally occurring sugars. 


Average nutritional values / Durchschnittliche Nährwerte: per / pro 100 g
Energy /
1816 kJ / 466 kcal
 Fat / Fett: 22,0 g
 -of which saturates /
 -davon gesättigte Fettsäuren:
18,4 g
Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate: 60,5 g

 -of which sugars /
 -davon Zucker


2,9 g

30 g

Protein /
11,2 g
Salt /
0,0 g

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