Elly Momberg Founders: Melanie Romeijn & Eva Glöckner
Elly Momberg Founders

Chocolates, confectionery and co. - the best of chocolate

We - Eva and Melanie - found each other and both wanted the same thing: Help people to live healthier! They should not have to do without chocolates, confectionery and Co. - we offer the best of chocolate!

Eva is passionate about cooking and baking and is a recipe artist. In addition to her work as a cosmetician for skin health, she makes healthy chocolates, confectionery, cakes, desserts and other delicacies and offers them to her customers, who are always delighted by the delicious taste of her creations. She creates the recipes for the healthy sweets herself and has been doing so for over 15 years.

For Melanie, healthy eating is already an important concern in her capacity as a mother. She has been dealing with this important topic for years and completed her training as a nutritionist a few years ago.

Eva: "As a skin specialist, I help people improve skin health every single day. I can do a lot through my treatments and consultations, but a big part is also the diet. This is directly related to skin health. I myself experience moments of "temptation" when I just want to snack on something and it takes energy to resist the cravings. I have found a solution with sugar-free sweets, which I have been creating for years and offering to my clients and friends. They tell me every time how delicious the chocolates and creations taste and that I really need to start selling them on the market because so many people are looking exactly this kind of product."

Melanie: "When I became intensively involved in nutrition, I was shocked at how many bad ingredients there are in our food. I have two children of my own and feel responsible for keeping them fit and healthy and developing well through good nutrition. My interest was to make something that helps people stay healthy. So I became particularly involved with alkaline nutrition, which plays an essential role in health. When Eva and I met, we realized not only that the "chemistry" matched, but also that we both wanted delicious and healthy things for everyone."

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Thus the idea for our project was born: sugar-free, vegan delicacies for everyone - in the form of chocolates, confectionery and co.

"In addition, I did a paper on different sugars and sugar alternatives and almost fell off my chair when I discovered that 150 years ago we were still eating 3.5 kg of sugar per year and today we eat almost 40 kg per year!"

We know from our own experience: you want to eat healthy, maybe you're on a diet or want to cut out sweets for a change. Secretly, however, the craving for something sweet is there. It's hard and thoughts quickly turn to a delicious piece of chocolate. Chocolate, chocolates, confectionery and more from Elly Momberg offers the solution without sin!

We‘ve been looking for a way to produce sugar-free products for a very long time. This was not easy. When searching for so-called sugar-free products, you always come across products that contain maltitol, for example. By definition, it can be called "sugar-free," but you still have an unhealthy sweetener as an ingredient. Many products are also a compromise because they don't really taste that good. Elly Momberg products are different and unique! They taste heavenly, are sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, low carb and definitely healthy!
After searching for a very long time and intensive discussions, we are happy to be able to offer sugar-free and vegan products that also feel like they are healthy!

They are suitable for everyone. In particularly diabetics can now enjoy good tasting sweets with our Elly Momberg products, vegans can enjoy moments of happiness with our products, but also those who follow a keto or paleo or low carb diet. We also meet these criteria with our products: Chocolates, confectionery and co., the best of chocolate - with Elly Momberg everyone can treat themselves.

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