For our products , we don't use grains, soy, sugar, or unnatural sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame K, or sucralose.Instead, we rely on high-quality nut & seed flours as flour alternatives and erythritol, which has no usable carbohydrates, no calories, and no effect on blood sugar. Erythritol is fermented dextrose. You can find erythritol naturally in ripe fruit.We also avoid low-quality vegetable oils like sunflower oil, but use healthy fats like virgin coconut oil, MCT oil or butter.

Our customers say:

"WOW WOW WOW! The bars are amazing, Julian (my son) loves them and I can give him some chocolate to take to school with a clear conscience. 😍❤️" - Sabine M. aus Hamburg

"We're on a keto diet right now and are just thrilled that there's even something sweet for us! Tastes much better than a normal bar too to be honest." - Phil & Lisa aus Frankfurt

The most creamy and delicious chocolate ever. You can`t even tell the difference between normal chocolate and this one. I love it😜" - Denise aus Mainz