Vegan Advent / Christmas Calendar - Christmas Box 2023 - CUBE - vegan - keto - lower carb - no added sugar - gluten free -

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In this year's calendar contains: chocolate bars, ChocLine bars,  in the following flavours: lemon, hazelnut, apricot, cherry - black forest, coconut, salty peanut, coffee, cacao rum and peanut caramel. The size is: 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm.

Christmas Calendar - vegan - keto-friendly - lower carb - No added sugar - gluten free
We are one of the first producers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that are keto-friendly and vegan at the same time and gluten free as well and,that taste so truly amazing. 

All our products are so luxurious and each door in our calendar is a pure treat for the receiver. All our products are delicious.

All our products are VEGAN, NO ADDED SUGAR, LOW CARB, KETO. 

Our products contain high-quality ingredients, everything is high quality and carefully thought through. They are without artificial sugar substitutes or sweeteners like:

No - Maltitol
No - Sucrose
No - Saccharin
No - Aspartame
No - Cyclamate
No - Acesulfame-K
No - Sucralose

We use the following sweetners in our products:

Stevia (plant from South America), erithritol (is won through fermentation of fruit and vegtables) and xylitol (is won from birch tree bark or from corn). 

Like other sugar alcohols, erythritol is classified as harmless to health. Our body absorbs 90% of the sugar substitute via the small intestine and excretes it unchanged via the kidneys. This greatly reduces the flatulence that is more common with other sugar alcohols.

Our products can be called "clean", which means that there is nothing in our products that shouldn’t be in them. We have avoided all ingredients that are harmful to the body. We didn’t want to compromise in any way.

We wanted to make keto-friendly (low carb) sweets. These are products with ingredients that don't affect blood sugar levels, that help you lose weight and don't promote inflammation, that don't negatively affect the natural microbiome in the gut (gut bio) and even can help promote friendly bacteria. 

That is why we sweeten exclusively with stevia, xylitol (birch sugar) or erythritol. These are healthy sweeteners, but do not act as sugar in our body and are low in calories and also suitable for diabetics.

More about the sweetners we use:

Our Christmas Calendar is a true treat and very special!

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Achtung: Lieferzeit des Adventskalender ist circa ab Mitte OKTOBER.
Rabatte sind nicht auf den Adventskalender anwendbar. Der Adventskalender ist nur einzeln kaufbar.
EAN GTIN: 4260741550356
The size is: 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
Weight: 900g

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