2 x Organic Keto Spread: 1 x Almond, 1 x BIO Keto Spread Hazelnut (each 200 g)

(€35,00 / kg)
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Enjoy all the benefits of our 2 spreads - BIO Keto Cream - ALMOND & BIO Keto Cream Hazelnut
Our fantastically delicious BIO Keto Cream is perfectly designed for our customers who particularly appreciate our philosophy.

In addition to the many great properties, the Keto Cream is also versatile. It can be used as a topping in our granola muesli. You can use it to refine a dessert or smoothie, spread it on your lower-carb cracker / crispbread / keto bread or use it for baking and cooking ketogenic / lower-carb / gluten-free recipes.

Ingredients: Keto Almond Spread:
ground and roasted almonds*, sweetener: erythritol powder*, cocoa powder*, MCT powder* (MCT oil, thickener: acacia gum), vanilla extract


nutritional data (per 100 g):

Energy 2194 kJ / 524 kcal
Total fat 47 g
saturated fat 6,3 g
Total carbohydrates 14g
of which sugars 3,0 g
Polyols 7,9
Fiber 14,6 g
Protein 19,5 g
Salt 0,06 g


Ingredients: ground hazelnuts*, cacao powder*, sweetener: erythritol powder*, MCT powder* (MCT oil, thickener: acacia gum)


nutritional data (per 100 g):

Energy 2663 kJ / 637 kcal
Total fat 60 g
saturated fat 9,5 g
Total carbohydrates 20g
of which sugars 5,5g
Polyole / Polyols 7,9
Fiber 9,5g
Protein 10g
Salt 0,01g

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